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🏆 The "Champions" Multi Kit

🏆 The "Champions" Multi Kit

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✅ Champions Analog Lab Bank, containing 50 Presets all made using real analog hardware

✅ 35+ Phrases/ Starters that can be used to spark inspiration or to add to your melodies!

✅ 25+ Accents

✅ 15 Guitar Phrases

✅ 25+ Vocals

✅ All sounds are royalty free!

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What You Get :

✅ The Champions Analog Lab Bank

50 Analog Lab Presets Included

✅ 35+ Phrases/ Starters

(PHRASE) WHEEZY RUN F# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(PHRASE) RUSH B Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(PHRASE) ABNORMAL E Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(PHRASE) ECLECTIC D# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(PHRASE) FAIRY E Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat

✅ 25+ Accents

(ACCENT) ESSENTIAL F# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(ACCENT) FORGOTTEN C Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(ACCENT) WRITTEN A# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat

✅ 15 Guitar Phrases

(GUITAR PHRASE) 178 bpm F# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(GUITAR PHRASE) A Minor 138 bpm @ ItsaKaiBeat
(GUITAR PHRASE) F Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat

✅ 25 Vocals

(VOCAL) G# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(VOCAL) G Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat
(VOCAL) F# Minor @ ItsaKaiBeat

See How I Cook Up Loops Live With The Champions Multi Kit! 👨‍🍳

🔁 Previews of some Loops I made ONLY using the Champions Bundle

Loop Preview 1
Loop Preview 2
Loop Preview 3

🏷️ Get The Champions Multi Kit Worth Over $65.00 FOR JUST $34.99

The Champions Analog Lab Bank - $25.00

Phrases & Accents - $20.00

Champions Vocal Pack - $15.00

Guitar Phrases - $15

Total Value - $65.00

Your Price - $24.99

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✅ Is This Kit Royalty Free?

Yes! This kit is royalty free!

✅ How Do I Recieve The Kit?

After purchase you will be able to download your files right away! A copy of your files will also be sent to your email address. For any reason you do not recieve your kit please email :

✅ What is your refund policy?

Since this is a digital product, it cannot be returned or refunded.

✅ Does the kit work in any DAW?

Yes! This kit works in all DAWS

✅ Do I need Analog Lab to use the Analog Lab Bank?

Yes, Analog Lab needs to be up to date to run the presets.